1. How do I measure the size of my trash or laundry door?

The best way to measure your door is to open the trash or laundry chute door and to measure the inside Width and Height of the door.  All our door sizes are measured first by width and then by height. Also take note If your door is a “Bottom hinged” door or a “Side hinged” door. Be aware that the measurements are sometimes not exact, and what we recommend is that the width and height be just below the next highest measured door.  Call or chat with us if you have any questions at 845 225 4507.  You can also email us at info@actionchutes.com.  We are here to help you.

2. How do I measure my hydraulic closer of my trash or laundry door?

Only the body of the hydraulic closer needs to be measured and not the piston arm for the correct measurement.  Closers are going to be “Regular” or “Extended” type. With the “Regular”, the piston arm is in the retracted position. With the “Extended” the piston arm is extended by default.

3. Are your doors “Fire Rated”?

Yes, all of our trash and laundry doors are fire rated for fire resistance.

4. Are the parts replaceable on my door?

Yes, you might have handles, hinges, or closers that might need replacing after a period of time of regular use.  These parts are often very easy to replace.  We carry the most popular and standard parts for your chute.