Door Size Help

You need help, and want to measure your laundry or trash chute door to ensure that your order is correct.

Another way to measure your door is to open the trash or laundry chute door and to measure the inside Width and Height of the door or the throat of the initial entrance to the chute or wall.   All our door sizes are measured first by width and then by height.

Also take note If your door is a “Bottom hinged” door or a “Side hinged” door.  If it is a side hinged door, please also take note if the door opens to the right or the left.

Be aware that the measurements are sometimes not exact, and what we recommend is that the width and height be just below the next highest measured door. 

For your discharge door (hopper) outlet, please make reference to the below image to see the measurements that we require to process your order.

Call or chat with us if you have any questions at 845 225 4507.  You can also email us at  We are always available to help you with your selection.